The Shanagarry Chimney Reaches Sky High Price!

The Shangarry Chimney stack located in Milltown was included in a 3-day online property auction by company Bidx1. The chimney was part of the old Dublin Laundries that operated along the river Dodder and stopped in 1960. The chimney reaches a dizzy height of 28.6 meters and is made from beautiful industrial age red-brick.

The chimney is a protected structure with very limited development potential, however there is an agreement with mobile phone companies to use of for mobile masts and antenna, this lease pays over 13,000 EUR per year so a handy little incentive for someone to purchase it

Other uses could induce a viewing platform or a tourist attraction for the area, local wildlife and birds have made it a home and would be reluctant to leave the their nests.

The auction guide price was 35,000 EUR however after 77 bids it ended up at an incredible 138,000 EUR.

Community Comments

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